Hello and Welcome!

Hello to anybody who's out there!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! And if that is not the case, and you stumbled upon this page in the hope of finding some help, I hope that you will not be disappointed.
I am still figuring out Blogger as I was used to Wordpress before, so the look of the blog may change quite a bit in the near future as I learn more and devote more time to it.

This little blog is only but a newborn, but I have high hopes for it. I would like it to become a platform where a person can find help for all sorts of questions, ranging from diet (intended as a "way of eating" not a "way to lose weight") to sports and clothing all the way through inspirational posts and daily life tips. In time, my little corner of the web will have healthy recipes that satisfy you and help you with your health and fitness goals as well as general "tips" for healthy eating. There will be articles on exercise, as no diet (or way of living) is complete without it, and we all want a healthy mind and body, don't we? I also hope to build a small library of motivational posts, either images or articles which inspire and motivate me (and which I hope will do the same to you), or articles of my own. These can related to your professional life, your personal life, your emotional well-being, and more. Finally, I will be touching our outer aspect: being beautiful on the inside is obviously important, but if it isn't reflected on the outside, many of us will lose hope and believe it useless. Clothes, makeup, posture and more are an integral part of our outer image, and should not be relegated to a back corner as "superficial" and "meaningless". 

An important part of this endeavour I'm launching into is the fact that beauty is NOT universal, objective or set in stone. Different cultures have very different beauty ideals, and so does each and every individual. So at no point in time do I wish to be expressing a judgement or criticizing other people's views. This blog will have the sole purpose of trying to help people, and in thus is the expression of my personal beliefs. 

Also important is the fact that I am not, nor do I claim to be, any of the following: a nutritionist, fitness instructor, dietician, physician, makeup guru, fashion expert or anything else. I simply have accumulated some knowledge on the different topics I will be touching on, and believe that knowledge may be of use to others.
Without further ado, I shall start publishing and crossing fingers! Any and all questions are welcome by the way!

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