Who am I?


On the web I go by the name Sita and I live in France at the moment, but I'm actually looking for a job (in development aid, if anyone's got any tips! ;)).
This blog is a side project that was born of the knowledge I've accumulated in nearly 15 years of having an auto-immune disease (under-active thyroid) and trying to find ways to deal with the side-effects of my condition. Most of the side effects are physical, as it affects hormone levels and, thus, things like hair and nail growth but also weight gain. As such, I've always suffered with weight/body image and related issues. Other symptoms are not so visible and much more psychological, such as varying degrees of depression, which can be very hard to deal with (especially as a teenager). All these symptoms are somewhat controlled by the medication, but a lot remains up to me. Proper eating habits, exercising, supplements and more are a part of my daily life and help keep the negative side effects to a minimum, while being useful for anyone who wishes to lead a happy, healthy and beautiful life. 

Always take what I say with pinch of salt, and remember that it is a collection of opinions/tips/tricks that have seemed to work for me over the years and for the people with whom I've shared them. If something sounds wrong to you or you don't know whether it applies, always do your own research or consult a specialist. I do not pretend to be an expert of any kind! 

With that, if you have additional information, tips, questions or anything else, always feel free to contact me and I will do my best to give you an answer or publish your tips for everyone to see!